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Welcome to the Mindless Groove Band web site.  Check back often as more information and site pages are still under construction.  Timely web page roll outs are forthcoming, including our calendar of upcoming performances, blog pages, and video snippets page among others.  As always, "Have a Groove-filled day!"
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Mindless Groove is a high-energy, 6-piece "Cool-Contemporary" Jazz group formed in the South Bay of Southern California.  The band finds influences from contemporary jazz groups and artists such as Fourplay, Yellow Jackets, The Rippingtons, Ronnie Laws and Jeff Lorber Fusion.
Mindless Groove's shows contain mostly originals written by various band members, as well as powerful classic covers of mainstream contemporary jazz and jazz fusion artists.  During live performances, Mindless Groove will pack the show with constant music from beginning to end, so the fun doesn't stop!
Members of Mindless Groove are accomplished musicians in their own rights, previously sharing the stage with contemporaries such as Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Paulo, and Ricky Lawson to name a few.
Visit our Calendar of Events to see our next show.  Come experience the excitement and aura which is Mindless Groove.  We guarantee you will leave with your "Groove-On"!   
Who is Mindless Groove?
  1. Bubba Higashi
    Keyboards - Bubba has written many of the band's forefront arrangements including "Energize" and "22nd Street" named after his favorite relaxation hangout in Hermosa Beach, CA.
  2. Bucci Canencia
    Guitar - Bucci comes from a lifelong dedication to his craft. Playing originally from Waikiki to the Showrooms in Las Vegas, Bucci originally drew his inspirations from playing with the likes of Gabe Baltazar.
  3. Brian Lear
    Percussions - The "skin man", Brian owes his pedigree to the late great drummer, Ricky Lawson. Brian has played many a gig as Ricky's percussionist.
  4. Ian Anthony
    Drums - Ian also contributes to writing some of the bands original materials. Trained as a prodigy to Ricky Lawson, Ian has the same "Stay at home and lay the groove" style as his former mentor.
  5. Justin Klunk
    Sax - Justin is also another gifted songwriter for Mindless Groove. His artistry is in high demand as he frequently is traveling internationally or backing up singing sensation Ariana Grande. His big tone and tasty licks propels Mindless Groove off the hook and into the stratosphere.
  6. Jackson Balauro
    Bass - Jackson stretches back to his days on the Waikiki circuit and travels to the Pacific Northwest. Laying the "fat" groove where the rest of the band can operate.